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Treasury Accountant and receivable accountant is needed!
Job Responsibilities:
-Ensure that all the bank transactions are executed accurately in accordance with EDC policy and Egyptian regulations to ensure timely payments and avoid transaction mistakes.
-Record LIBOUR rate on a daily basis to have an accurate calculation for the company facilities.
-Reconcile the bank accounts accurately on a monthly basis to ensure recording all transactions timely and correctly in the books.
-Record and Update all the bank transactions in our records to be able to trace any transaction.
-Run the weekly payment report (vendor/staff) and printout the payment documents to deliver the payments on time.
-Proper recording of all payments related to Accounts Receivable Section to link the sections.
-Maintain proper documentation for files within area of responsibility to record documents safely.
-Prepare the remittance advices to notify the supplier that the payment was executed.
Job Requirements:
-Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.
-0-2 years of related experience.
-High level of accountability and attention to details.
-High level of communication skills in English..
-Problem solving skills.
Interested applicants may send their CVs to Vacancies@egyptian-drilling.com with mentioning the job title in the subject.

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