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 WE-DATA company is hiring the following position:
Cash Management Accountant” with the below
– (0-2) years of experience

– Bachelor degree of commerce

With the below Job description:

• Analyze bank transactions and recommend solution for all depository and disbursing activities.

• Analyzing the daily bank’s statements and reflects debt and credit transactions on the department’s data base register.

• Handling the day to day operation with financial institutions through monitoring the implementation of cash trans

• Processing all cash transactions regarding deposits, withdrawals & foreign currency exchanges in line with business needs.

• Reviewing bank reconciliations and resolving unreconciled items for end of month closing.

• Review the position of postdated checks and insure its compliance with the agreed upon terms and condition with banks.

• Participating in the quarterly physical count of the receivables on hand and issuance of final reports.

• Processing the bounced checks efficiently based on the approved follow up cycle to accelerate the collection.

If interested please send your CV to “anasya.mohammed@te.eg”
with the subject “ Cash Management Accountant”

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